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UEdin - Partnership Collaboration Awards (PCA)

UEdin - Partnership Collaboration Awards (PCA)

The USyd-UEdin Partnership Collaboration Awards (PCA) have been established to facilitate and support joint initiatives that will strengthen the two universities’ strategic priorities as well as develop multi-disciplinary cutting-edge research with potential for high academic and societal impact.

In this round of the PCA, applicants are encouraged to submit funding proposals for innovative and sustainable programs built around collaborative research linking USyd and UEdin under the broad umbrella of Planetary Health.

  • Proposals for learning and teaching initiatives may also be considered if part of a larger collaborative research proposal.
  • Proposals should be sustainable in the long-term with a plan for engagement that includes leveraging external funding and publication outputs.
  • Preference will be given to teams which include graduate/postgraduate research students, postdocs, Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) and researchers on Sabbatical Leave rather than simply one-to-one research projects.
  • Proposals which are multidisciplinary in nature are encouraged.

Proposals must cover one of the following research themes:

Water Scarcity

Global Pollution

Changing Food Systems

Changing Biogeochemical Flows


Non Communicable Diseases

Biodiversity Shifts

Infectious Diseases

Natural Disasters

Mental Health

Climate Change


Changing Land Use and Land Cover   

Civil Strife and Displacement

In this round one proposal will be funded (each with two Chief Investigators; one from Sydney and one from UEdin) and will receive up to the equivalent of AUD 20,000 from each institution for a total of AUD 40,000. Funding is available from early December 2019 until 31 December 2020.

Guidelines (pdf 210kb)
Application form questions (docx 114kb)
FAQs (pdf 258kb)

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